Founder of H&K Goodware

An elderly gentleman, wearing a tang shirt, black shoes and few white hair, is hanging across the garden leisurely…..

Generally speaking, this figure rarely will ring to you a successful boss, but he is our founder of H&K Goodware—–Mr Sun Ruize.

30 years ago, Mr. Sun had the first contact with PU (polyurethane) molding. Then, he showed great interest in its potential creativity, believing that it would provide convenience for household decoration and realize his dream of design. Therefore, Mr. Sun found H&K and dedicated to make the best of this material. So definitely, Mr. Sun played an important role in the rising of PU molding in the Chinese market.

(Our Founder Mr. Sun)

Keeping his willing, to company management, Mr. Sun works cautiously and conscientiously. And as to product, he treats it like his own reputation, then for the marketing mechanism, he endeavors hard to maintain. Mr. Sun approaches this company and every encounter with his philosophy of family. Without doubt, he insists the modest and caring attitude toward people and the growth of H&K. As a H&K member, we help each other, support each other and blend with each other forming a big family from many. And together, we keep moving toward the same ideal.

H&K is a traditional industry though, yet with the leadership of our founder, it demonstrates an unique operational style. Instead of meaningless social party, we hold sweet and harmonious interaction. Instead of commercial profit-oriented competence, we encourage the feedback spirit, from society, for society. Instead of value the margin of product, we take it as our spiritual extension. Gradually this traditional industry comes to take a different form, returning to benefit others, care others and jointly operate this market with win-win attitude and aim.

Chatter as Mr Sun is, it expresses his expectation to treat employee, dealers and customers as one family. And his wish to change along with everyone, not only the platform of H&K, but also our society. The mutual benefit is the hope of him.

Core Member

Lin Hanlong (Artistic Director)

Sun Baifan (Model Commissioner)

Zheng Kunzhang (Business Manager)

Zhong Zhihao (Creative Director)

H&K Goodware family 

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