It is the beginning to release your pressure when you at home. However, the bland and boring frame molding limit your feeling of pressure relief. So what can we do to eliminate the boring moldings to create a comfortable living environment? Maybe you need some flexible decorative molding, which can decorate the ceiling , the wall and so on. Moreover, it can bring different levels and fun to the space. The most important thing is that the company of Goodware contains those kind of special PU moldings.

The flexible decorative molding is elastic and resilient. It combines functionality of gypsum molding and wood molding. What is more, it can also create a curved shape design that is not easy or impossible for general plaster and wood molding. Meanwhile the various arcs, curved surfaces and cylinders also use it. With other PU line stacking and combination design, it is more convenient and possible for construction and creative, respectively.

flexible decorative molding 


The Characteristics of flexible decorative molding

The flexible decorative molding is a elastic material which is made of recyclable high-tech soft composite material. It has a small width that can be bent into various required curvatures. It does not need to make a toothed incision to achieve the function of trimming because of its plasticity and flexibility.

You may wonder what the function the flexible decorative molding has. How it succeeds in creating an elegant and practical decorative style without affecting the overall aesthetics and structure. Next, I will detail the flexible decorative molding in nine different uses.

Nine features of flexible decorative molding

  1. As long as the items contains a “edge”, such as the table, the cabinet, the fireplace, the shelf, etc,  they can use the flexible moldings to trim and wrap beautifully.
  2. It installed on the edge of the table, the top of the cabinet or the wall shelf to prevent the items from slipping off and to achieve the function of storage. The wood and glass materials is more elegant after they applied by flexible decorative molding.
  3. This kind of flexible decorative molding also installed on the edge of the furniture with the same function of preventing the items from rolling off, but the shape is different from the previous one. What is more, it can present the beautification effect of the furniture. At the same time, it can increase the depth and taste of the furniture.
  4. The fourth type can beauty the bottom of the edge.
  5. In addition to adding decorative styles to create different styles, the flexible decorative molding is also possible to integrate the gap between the cabinet and the ceiling. Meanwhile, it can adjust the space height ratio to shape the level change.
  6. When there are depths, undulations or material changes in the cabinet, cabinet, wall belt or ceiling. This kind of flexible molding can use for decorating the gap and mask the boundary.
  7. When the flexible molding installed on a drawer, a cabinet door, a movable table and so on, it has the same function as the handle.
  8. The distance and stacking between moldings and moldings which through the change of the density of the distance produce different levels of experience. It can even show the unique molding aesthetics when you use them creatively.
  9. This flexible decorative molding is suitable for the edge of the board to display fine details, such as: bed head,the top of the sofa and so on.


The Goodware’s flexible decorative molding has various types and sizes. Each of the nine functions listed above have many styles and sizes that you can choose from. Therefore, it is no longer a difficult matter to face with the change of molding in space when you familiar with the use of flexible decorative molding.

flexible decorative molding


After understanding the functions and characters of flexible decorative molding, you may wonder what other advantages it has. There are seven merits which are fireproof, moisture proof, insect proof, impact resistant, recyclable, non-corrosive, non-toxic,respectively. All of the merits are texted.

All in all, do you get them? Are you feel more clear about flexible decorative molding? More information will be HERE.