If you use the flexible crown molding correctly, your home will feel more comfortable and elegant. To be honest, there are so many types of PU crown molding so that you may confuse when you choose the crown molding for decoration. Moreover, in order to conform to the latest decoration style, decoration crown molding selection is very important. At the same time, the decoration line applied in different fields will have different construction methods. Today, I would like to introduce the flexible crown molding and the construction technique of it.

The decorations of flexible crown molding create different styles of houses

The flexible crown molding is elastic and dexterity, which can rise and fall with curved surface. Its functions can be discussed in nine types. And I’ll go into detail about one of them. The round flexible molding trim can decorate the “edge” of furniture, such as the edge of a table, counter, or fireplace. It makes up for the problems of implementation, and it also adds the functions of embellishing details and beautifying decorations. The following will open its construction techniques, which will help you know how to establish the latest trend-setting decorative style.

flexible crown molding

Two skills of round flexible molding trim complement the decoration defect

Latest decoration style emphasizes dimensional consistency and harmonious feeling. And the round flexible molding trim which belong to flexible crown molding can achieve this feeling during the installation process. Especially, we can fully feel that it achieves this feeling in the connection of high and low difference and the covering of corners.

  • connection of high and low difference

(1) According to the thickness of table material, we need adjust the crown molding of table edge to combine height and short, which can help us apply adhesive and nail fixation to achieve good bridging effect.

(2) If you adopted the flexible crown molding of SE-C16029, it can cut its bottom joint to make up the upper and lower stacks, which can increase the sense of hierarchy.

  • covering of corners

(1) When applied the corner coating, the cutting Angle can be cut by 45 degrees. There is no need to leave a gap when we joint the two crown moldings of flexible crown molding.

(2) If the right Angle is covering, the hot air gun can be used to blow hot at a proper distance. After the line becoming soft, the glue can apply to the corner. Attention please, the flexible crown moldings are not recommended when their length and width is over 20 mm.

Household style reflects aesthetic orientation, social status and unique taste. The flexible crown molding of Goodware will offer you the latest decoration style design. If you want more information,please click here.