Faux wood appliques and onlays-ornate mouldings for doorHow can we miss the bedroom decoration in the European-style residential? Then we mainly introduce the sliding doors of bedroom. The decorated appliques and onlays are our Goodware customization group, showing the classic European wall, wonderful even a small range, elegance and luxury but not oppressive. Put a cup of coffee, savor the delicate European style, enjoy the European atmosphere in the most relaxed bedroom.

Faux wood appliques and onlays-ornate mouldings for door

The decorative faux wood appliques and onlay are traditional, hand-carved onlays and give you an affordable option for adding exquisite detail to your custom decoration designs.

Use appliques and onlays are also on:

Wall  units        Armories                  

Chairs                Headboards  

Accent Furniture            Cabinetry

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