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Different Molding Materials Pros and Cons Contrast Chart

Installing crown molding is today's most-pursued architectural upgrade, meant to give plain walls depth and formality. But homeowners choosing their own crown are often stumped when faced with the variety of materials it comes in, from traditional plaster to high-tech flexible polymers. Here, we break down the choices and explain which type is right for your [...]

How to choose crown molding?

Reading this article means that you actually have a good understanding of molding. Although crown molding can add value and elegance to your room or even transform the style. While all those results depend upon the proper choice of crown moldings. When it comes to determination, there are several factors involved: crown molding material, crown molding [...]

How to Cut Crown Molding Corners?

As we know the hardest part of installing crown molding is Cutting Crown Molding Corners. You can’t do it like any other trim pieces because the molding sits at an angle between the wall and the ceiling. Before cutting moldings some questions may come to your mind,which exactly direction should cut the molding? Which way should [...]