Everyone has their own style, hobby and love. Before the house decoration, you need to determine the design style of the house, and the characteristics of various decoration styles. They are suitable for different people, let’s look at the different European decorations. What kind of European style is suitable for you?


What are the European style decorations:

1, Baroque decoration style

Features: Baroque style emphasizes strength, change and movement. Also emphasizing the comprehensiveness of architectural painting, sculpture and indoor environment, highlighting the features of exaggeration, romance, passion, hallucination, and fantasy

For the crowd: The Baroque style is suitable for people who respect the heart, respect themselves, do not chase trends, do not please others, have unique insights, follow tradition, and they are good at breaking through tradition.

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2, Rococo decoration style

Features: The overall characteristics of Rococo style are light, gorgeous, delicate and delicate. From the rooms and courtyards are square round-cornered or round, oval, and polygonal door/window frames. When decorating, it will frequently use “C”, “S” or vortex curves and arcs to make shapes, then use large mirrors to decorate, and use a large number of garlands, bouquets, bows and arrows, shell designs to embellish the decoration. PU moldings are used between walls and arc, then decorate frescoes at the corners, creating a relaxed, clear and intimate feeling.

For the crowd: Rococo is suitable for noble, elegant people.

3, Ancient Roman decoration style

Features: Ancient Rome style is characterized by luxury and splendour. The vouchers style is created by the ancient Romans. It is a voucher hole between the two columns, forming a kind of decorative column with bold combination of vouchers and columns. It has grown into the most distinctive features of western interior decoration. The popular and practical Roman Dolac style, Roman Tussian style, Roman Ionic style, Roman Corinthian style and its development are used to decorate PU Roman columns.

For the crowd: Roman style is suitable for people who like ancient Roman culture.

4, Gothic style

Features: Gothic style is the inheritance of Roman style, linear rise, rapid rising momentum, space adventure is the basic style. The window decoration, like to use colored glass, and the colors are mainly blue, dark red and purple, which has achieved the effect of gorgeous and exquisite psychedelic.

For the crowd: Gothic-style decoration aesthetic and romantic, suitable for romantic people.

5, Greek classical decoration style

Decoration features: Doric and Collins are typical pillars of Greek style, and are also the basic components of western classical architecture design. The Doric column is rough and rigid. There are three layers of stone steps on the base. The column is composed of a section of stone drums. The column head is composed of squares and discs, without ornamentation. The Corinthian column uses cilantro leaves as decoration, like basket-style stigma. It is standardized, delicate and full of life. Therefore, it is favored and loved by many people.

For the crowd: The Greek classical style is suitable for classical, elegant and romantic crowds.

These are the introduction about the European decoration style, which is suitable for what kind of people. Hoping to provide helps to you who want to decorate romantic, gorgeous atmosphere’s European decoration style for your home. If you want to design a European style home, please contact with us, our designers can help you to provide a solution.


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