In home decorations, there must have some cabinets, such as the shoe cabinets and kitchen cabinets. These cabinets look alike. Do you want to make these cabinets different? Let’s embellish these home details! Goodware is going to share 4 cabinet molding styles and installation method to you.

cabinet molding styles

4 cabinet molding styles

  1. Shoe cabinets

The shoe cabinets are usually at the entrance. They are also the first sight when your guests step in your home. You can use the PU plain moldings to show the simple and elegant style. Besides, you can paint a bright color to welcome your guests!

cabinet molding styles

  1. Clothes cabinets

For clothes cabinets, you can combine the onlay moldings and PU plain moldings. These two elements can show the three-dimensional feeling. Then, use the gold leaf to make them more elegant. Moreover, if you like the wood elements, you can use Goodware PU faux wood moldings.

cabinet molding styles

  1. Kitchen cabinets

Because of the location and usage of kitchen cabinets, Goodware recommend you to use the PU moldings. The features of PU moldings are flame retardant, mold proof, and moth proof. Don’t worry about the oil stains. PU moldings are easy to clean.

cabinet molding styles

  1. Bathroom cabinets

You need the waterproof PU moldings to decorate the bathroom cabinets. You can combine the corner moldings and PU moldings. Beautify your bathroom and have great bath time.

cabinet molding styles

Installation method

cabinet molding styles

  1. Measure the size of cabinet
  2. Use a pencil to mark the installation area
  3. Choose the suitable size of PU moldings
  4. Cut the PU moldings and spread the glue or nail free glue on the back of the PU moldings.
  5. Paste the PU moldings along with the mark.
  6. Use a nail gun to fix the PU moldings.

As a result, these are the 4 cabinet molding styles and installation method. Goodware has many related projects. If you need some advice, please feel free to contact us. We have different types of PU products that you can match. Show your creativity to make your cabinets livelier!

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