Lifestyles of Health and Sustainablity

The year of 2007 was the 2nd decennial of H&K., the team felt the imperative urge to protect environment and we believed this should not become merely a slogan rather, it should be an action. Therefore, we started to dedicate ourselves with all H&K customers to transform the idea into reality. We concluded the year of 2007 as “H&K ECO Year”. Since then, we lived out the eco-protection cultural in our enterprises as well as among our interaction with customers. The movement had drawn our concerns about the earth which benefited our society while pursuing our own profits and development, a win-win situation.


All these years, we kept pushing through in the culture like “Love the land”, “Appreciate what you have around you”, “Jeep our sustenance sustainable”, and “Recycling”. We carried out the life style of LOHAS – Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability which really promoted out

Visiting H&K., you can feel the strong atmosphere and the flow the idea of protecting our mother earth from each of our employees. They are open to share and give. With the lifestyle we demonstrate, our friends and customers grasped the idea that it is not difficult do reduce carbons. We create a positive and vital work atmosphere. We live out the life style like more vegetable eating, fewer driving, controlling consumption, and more appreciation to slow down the global crisis of natural sources exhaustion.


About the power of environmental-protection in the building material industry, it was brought up to the world’s attention at the 1st Conference of International Building Material Research & Study Association in 1988. The very idea of “Green Building Material” was emphasized. The word “Green” refers to the level of contribution to environmental sustainable development. The scholars defined the Green Building Materials in 1992 as: from raw material gathering, products manufacturing, to application and use and the recycle process, the material resulted in fewer burdens to the earth and environment and create no harm to human health. Under the leading of our Founder, the whole teamers place first priority of “doing no harm to human health” and “environmental sustainability” in multiple aspect of life and work such as product development, manufacturing, and promotion; we consider it our responsibility. We are moving forward our building materials and our company to be a “Green Industry”. We have been trying to explore and include all kinds of natural materials as raw materials such as Beautiful Scallop Series which made by scallop shells and Palm Board Shell Series which made by coconut shells. We established our standardized manufacturing procedures by referencing and adopting good and non-poisonous ones from the industry, government, and academia. And then we recommend honest, skillful, and professional designers and craftsmen to make sure all decoration process is ECO friendly.ribg