Whether your home is a modern or traditional design, different wall molding types add decorative elements in any space and transition the walls to the floor or ceiling. A simple way to improve your family value, the installation of molds can provide your family with unique architectural features. There are different wall molding types:

Wall Molding Types

The decorative boundaries of your home are collectively referred to as wall molding, and they are divided into different wall molding types. Know what these are and where you should install it will help you buy wall molding:


Starting from the floor, you will first meet the skirting board. These are sticky wood attached to the base of the wall, close to the floor. They help to create a transition between the walls and the floor. The soleplate may be of a simple shape, or an add-on that provides a decorative touch, such as a shoe mold.

Different Wall Molding Types for Home Decoration

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Not all of the wall molding must be, the wallboard is present in the panel mounted on the wall between the floor and the picture guide. However, you can also find a dummy wallboard between the substrate and the chair track of the decorative wall moldings device installed on the panel. Some homeowners do not even have to shape the wall, only need to paint the other parts of the wall with different colors of the area.

Chair rail

A chair track, also known as the dado track, rests on the wall, on the back of your dining chair that will hit the wall. In fact, this is the name of the model. Normally the chair track can only be installed with the wall molding. But that’s not always the case.

Different Wall Molding Types for Home Decoration

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Picture or plate rail

Some homeowners do not hang photos directly on the wall, but rather connect their images to the picture tracks to show their art, which is a molded product that runs horizontally at the room level (usually the same height as the top of the door). This molding can help prevent damage to your walls and create an extra decorative layer. In addition, this is an easy way to make sure that all your artwork is hanging at a uniform height. Many people also set up a plate on the railway, using tableware as a decorative element. The picture tracks are less common than before, but look great in the traditional style of the room, the other decorative molds.

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