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Difference between pvc and polyurethane molding

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Difference between pvc and polyurethane molding

Pvc and polyurethane molding which is better? Wall decorative moldings have their own advantages, but polyurethane molding is more expensive than pvc. Now, let us talk about the difference between pvc and polyurethane molding.

Features of pvc molding

  • PVC decorative molding is light weight, heat insulation, moisture, flame retardant, anti-corrosion.
  • Stability, good dielectric, durable, anti-aging, easy welding and bonding.
  • High flexible bending and strong impact toughness, high elongation at break.
  • Smooth surface, bright color, decorative, wide applications.
  • PVC decorative material is stable, pure color, rich embossed.
  • The construction process is simple, seamless construction without lamination defects and easy to install.

Disadvantages of pvc molding

  • Light weight, bad texture
  • Add some chemicals, harmful to the human body after long time uses.
  • Color is easy to fade, yellow and get old.

Features of polyurethane molding

  • PU molding is anti to borer, moisture, and mildew, will not be affected by weather changes and cracking or deformation, can be washed, long life.
  • Flame retardant, non-spontaneous combustion, can be automatically extinguished after leaving fire.
  • Light weight, good hardness, flexibility and toughness. Ease of installation using standard woodworking equipment – cut or sand. can be bent into a variety of curvature of the shape. The time spent on construction is less than the normal gypsum and wood.
  • Diversity, generally white as the standard in color, can be free with color on the basis of the white, painted gold, washed white, make-up, antique silver, bronze and other special effects.
  • Clear surface pattern, realistic.
  • Lightweight, long life, not easy to deformation, the surface can be paint finish.
  • Can be applied to decorate home, high-end residential, villas, conference halls, clubs, leisure clubs, hotels, bars, etc.

finishing of polyurethane crown molding

Difference between pvc and polyurethane molding

PU is better in heat stability, fire resistance, corrosion resistance than PVC.

Material Features PU PVC
Weight light   a bit heavy
Flexibility high poor
Waterproof good poor
Heat resistant good poor
Installation a little complicated  than PVC easy


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