The beauty of the PU molding is largely determined by the pu molding Installation process. The skilled installer has enough experience to make the fully display its charming feeling. However, if some details are not handled well during the construction process, the overall feeling is greatly affected. The Goodware company has accumulated rich experiences in the PU industry for more than 30 years. It can greatly improve work efficiency and avoid some trouble. Therefore, the experience would be helpful for you which I will share with you the details of the PU molding installation process. 

 1. Pin device

  • According to the weight of the product, it is important to select suitable nail gun and nail needle when we construct. 
  • When the pin fixing is required, we usually select single nail gun and steel nail so that the supporting force is more sufficient. 
  • We need pay attention to the direction of the pin during the time when we use it. The reason is the pin will be worn if the direction is wrong. 
  • At the same time, the crown molding angles is important so that we should pay attention to corner angle which angle is the nail for angle 45 °. 

 pu molding installation

 2. Batch painting for pu molding installation 

Batch painting is a Chinese ancient batch painting process, which is in line with the batch painting process of external thermal insulation mortar. Usually, batch painting is used in construction. In order to make the wall smooth and detailed when we are painting or pasting wallpaper. We can use batch coating to repair. 

pu molding installation

3. Object painting (An important step of PU molding installation) 

The upper part of the spray gun controls the opening size of the spray nozzle. The middle part is the amount of paint. The below part is the air flow control. 

When we adjust the spray gun, the best order is air volume control (lower knob), spray nozzle (upper knob), and the amount of paint (middle knob). 

At the beginning, it is necessary to protect the project well, because spray paint is easy to pollute the spot. If we do not protect it, some embarrassed things will occur. For example, the items that have already decorated such as wooden ark, metope, which can have the paint dot of fine particle form.  

pu molding installation
air volume control (lower knob) spray nozzle (upper knob)  amount of paint (middle knob) 


4. How to connect the line section for pu molding installation? 

When the two lines are connected, we should check the patterns of the moldings. If the texture of the pattern is lightly not symmetrical, we can correct it by hand (figure 2) 

If the difference is huage, cutting crown molding flat is a good idea. The first thing is judging the pattern of two moldings. Then, with the stitched lines on the wall as the benchmark, cutting the second line to match the first molding into a matching pattern (figure 3). 

pu molding installation pu molding installation pu molding installation
Figure 1: checking links   Figure 2: adjusting at the joint  Figure 3: dividing at the joint 


5. The difference between the method of molding and angles cutting

The two methods are essential for PU molding installation. The corner section connection is divided into two parts. 

When the wall to wall junction is 90゚shade horn line, the cutting method of twomolding is wide points and under sharp (figure 4). 

When the wall and wall junction is 90 ゚ Yang horn line, the cutting method of two molding is sharp points and under wide  ( figure 5). 

pu molding installation
   Figure 4   Figure 5 


  1. Before the PU molding installation, the first thing is to repair the uneven surface of the wall. What is more, we should pay more attention to the old house where we are unsure that the corner of the metope and ceiling is 90 ° vertically. Once the metope is not level off, it can bring about molding and metope cannot close, which will cause cracks. 
    Figure 6: the corner    Figure 7: Metope flatness check 


What about your ideas? Have you got all these tips for pu molding installation? It seems to be a very simple problem, but it is easy to be neglected in the daily construction process, which resulting in various problems in the subsequent use process. I hope you can apply what you’ve learned, and we’ll share more next time. 

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