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WC-6407 Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel

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WC-6407 Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel

  • Size:22-1/4”H X 5-7/8”W X 15/16”D
  • High flexible customization
  • Outstanding addition to your home
  • Easily paired with our other moldings
  • Impervious to humidity and insects
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Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel, 22-1/4”H X 5-7/8”W X 15/16”D in size. takes the impression of windows or doors combined with flowing flowers and elegant curves. This long vertical arrangement applique can be applicable to windows, wardrobe, ceilings, cabinets and all the visible sections are the application cases. Our H&K Goodware appliques and onlays products are open to be customized. 

Goodware PU Material

  • The density of PU materials is up to 240KG/M3, lighter than wood, but same hardness and touch feeling
  • It is pest control, termites and moths do not feed on PU materials
  • Fire rating to achieve the national B2 level, mean burning under the flame for 10s will not burn

Specification of Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel

Product Name Decorative Appliques and Onlays
Model name WC-6407
Material Polyurethane (PU)
Color White
Dimension H 565mm ( 22-1/4”)
W 150mm (5-7/8”)
D 24mm (15/16”)
Application Interior and exterior
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Finish of Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel

Hand Painted   Antique    Faux Wood   Faux Stone


Features of Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel


Upscale visual

Faux wood appliques are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home.


Wide variety

The wide variety in molding styles means that it can enhance almost any type of architecture.


Easy Installation

Made out of a lightweight polyurethane material. Easy to install using common woodworking tools.

Application of Polyurethane wall hanging decor panel



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About Goodware

Goodware specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling polyurethane (PU) decorative building materials for interior and exterior decoration. We have decades of experience providing quality architecture goods to customers throughout the world through our network of trusted resellers.
We own and operate factories, warehouses and fulfillment centers in China, providing our customers with unrivaled on-hand inventory and the ability to purchase quality goods directly from the source.
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