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GM-19602 European decorative polyurethane crown molding

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GM-19602 European decorative polyurethane crown molding

  • Commonly used with 10′-13’ceilings
  • Size:5-1/2”H X 5-1/2”W X 94-1/2”L
  • Breadth:7-11/16”, Flower:9-7/16”
  • High flexible customization
  • Electrical linsulation fire-retardant
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Decorative polyurethane crown molding are popular among worldwide customers. Applying our crown moldings, designer can divide monotone flat walls into separate section, stating classical proportional clarity and definition of the space instantly. Decorative cove crown moldings provide decorator of kinds of opportunities of reinventing the grand architecture of the past, bringing the soul and sophistication of classical architecture. Our Goodware crown molding is also moisture resistant, so it won’t shrink flex or mold over time and under severe whether conditions. What’s also great about Polyurethane crown molding is that it’s completely customization.

Goodware PU Material

  • The density of PU materials is up to 240KG/M3, lighter than wood, but same hardness and touch feeling.
  • It is pest control, termites and moths do not feed on PU materials.
  • Fire rating to achieve the national B2 level, mean burning under the flame for 10s will not burn.

Specification of Decorative polyurethane crown molding

Product Name Decorative Crown Molding
Model name GM-19602
Material Polyurethane (PU)
Color White
Dimension B 199mm (7-11/16)
F 240mm (9-7/16”)
L 2400mm (94-1/2’’)
Application Interior and exterior
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Finish of Decorative polyurethane crown molding

hand-painted   antique   wood   stone
Hand Painted   Antique    Faux Wood   Faux Stone


Features of Decorative polyurethane crown molding

crown-molding-style-1   crown-molding-style-2   crown-molding-style-3

Upscale visual

Crown moldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home.


Wide variety

The wide variety in molding styles means that it can enhance almost any type of architecture.


Easy Installation

Made out of a lightweight polyurethane material. Easy to install using common woodworking tools.

Application of Decorative polyurethane crown molding

333   222   111

Ceiling Decor

Crown moldings are used to decorate a ceiling in many creative ways adding an architectural focal point to any room with style and beauty.


Chair rail & Panel molding

chair-rail molding adds a feeling of detail and charm to the walls and lends continuality to a room by unifying it.


Wall Decor

Panel molding is also a great way to accentuate the height of the walls or to fool the eye in making the walls look taller.

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About Goodware

Goodware specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling polyurethane (PU) decorative building materials for interior and exterior decoration. We have decades of experience providing quality architecture goods to customers throughout the world through our network of trusted resellers.
We own and operate factories, warehouses and fulfillment centers in China, providing our customers with unrivaled on-hand inventory and the ability to purchase quality goods directly from the source.
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