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SE-C14013 Contemporary flexible floor molding

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SE-C14013 Contemporary flexible floor molding

  • Size: 96-11/16”L X 13/16”H X 9/16”D
  • Resistance to humidity and insects
  • Lifetime warranty for all flexible
  • Variable usage for indoor and outdoor
  • Ease of installation using standard
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Contemporary flexible floor molding, 96-11/16”L X 13/16”H X 9/16”D in size. Flexible molding is a special flexible materials for house improvement profile. It is a perfect molding products to finish curved edges with a small radius. It is the only profile to finish surfaces around columns. Quick and easy to install, no special skills required.

Features of Flexible Molding

  • Fireproof. Can withstand extreme heat, through the SGS flame test
  • Bendable. Flexible curved in any angle for curved architectural needs
  • High toughness. Can take any curve without distortion
  • Anti-impact. Dense and flexible, no damage
  • Recyclable. Materials can be recycled
  • Easy to install. Mostly the same installation way as the general decor ornaments
  • Easy to repair. Seamless construction, smooth cross-section and easy to fill






Specification of Contemporary flexible floor molding

Product Name Flexible molding
Model name SE-C14013
Color White
Dimension L 2440mm (96-1/8”)
H 21mm (13/16”)
D 14mm (9/16”)
Application Interior and exterior
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Application of Contemporary flexible floor molding

Flexible molding have multi-applications, can be used in place of, or as an accessory to wood on half round, eyebrow elliptical and oval windows, round ceiling, curved walls and any round application. Such as cabinets, door, ceilings, walls, desktop, bar arc facade, the convergence surface and so on.

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