Planning Your Space for Crown Molding

When installing a crown molding it is important to establish a plan for the layout.

  1. Start by measuring your room to determine linear footage of crown molding needed.
  1. Add 10% of total length for miter waste.
  1. Divide total linear feet by crown molding lengths to determine total molding pieces.

For example: If crown molding comes in 8-foot lengths, divide total linear feet by 8 to determine how many pieces of crown molding are needed. Round up the number of pieces needed to determine a total number of molding lengths you will need to purchase.

Consider adding additional length to your purchase to “match the pattern” of crown molding, ensuring a consistent appearance. For molding with repeats greater than 6″ consider adding an additional 5% to total length. You can finish (paint or faux finish) crown molding before or after installation. After installation touch-up any area as needed.

Crown Molding Ideas

What Can Crown Molding Do For a Room

The crown molding carries a great tradition of grandeur and beauty. Aside from the scroll-like storytelling abilities that the molding possesses, there is a lot of decorative aspects that the molding possesses.

There is a vast range of the crown molding styles that have been created over centuries and centuries of design evolution. The crown molding’s designs range from different influences now—some from different influences of class and some due to the region from which they are brought. For example, the Japanese style truly embraces a much simpler way of defining the room with what kinds of the moldings that they use. It now resonates in the modern molding designs of today which were greatly inspired by the East meeting the West—and then of course perfected by technology. Their great belief is that over-embellished and thoroughly distracting designs take away from the space and make it a lot more difficult to be able to find inner peace and serenity in one’s environment.

The crown molding is a great choice for you if you are looking to add a different dimension to the architecture of your space as well as adding some playful shadows that are instantly created when molding appears. The Streamline Modern crown molding that is used so widely today has been present since before the common era –  molding was simply perfected by the time that was spent reflecting on the particular style; it should calm the nerves of many people who are afraid to choose something that is far too “new”.

Crown Molding Ideas

Selecting Crown Molding

Well, I would really like a more traditional crown molding.

Many feel either intimidated by the modern style of crown molding or simply feel as if it does not suit their style or taste. There are many solutions that are either in between a modern and a traditional molding or just much more toward the Rococo style. Whatever style of  molding you choose, you could us to make an interesting and fresh design. New design ideas come from the person—and everyone has it in them.

If you would like to still go for the geometric aesthetic for your design but would like for it to have a more relief quality to it, then you can choose the dentil crown moldings that suits many design schemes. There are many ways that you would be able to use molding within combinations with different architectural products.

Crown Molding Ideas

If you are looking to add sweeping grandeur to tall ceilings, then consider an either plain or a decorative cove molding. Cove molding draws the eye up and through the room in a noticeable and beautiful manner. Molding does an amazing job at translating the beauty and the importance of a space – molding will add something that is truly remarkable and memorable.


We have great tips for you, but do not worry – we have more! Call in for a consultation before buying a  molding if you would need to. Remember that there is inspiration found anywhere – nature, art, as well as even the history of your own house.

Some people really underestimate the power of crown molding and how it could make the whole room come together into something that is much more than just space. The biggest don’t is to not think big and to think that you would not be able to handle a more decorative or a more plain molding – don’t rule things out without really considering them first!

Crown moldings shopping is no less fun than a trip to a shoe store or a tool shop – so don’t think that it will be all work and no play!Crown Molding Ideas