Goodware has been gradually expanding since the 1990s and began to consolidate in 2005. The Headquarters of Taiwan brings together the development center (Living Young) in South China and the production center in East China. Create a powerful decorative materials team in Asia.

These centers are in the suburbs. It takes two hours from downtown by driving. Must go through the meandering industrial road. Then, there is an ordinary building which hides the core technology of PU material production.

PU material development and production center

Highest quality – PU material production pattern

The impression of Asia for the European and American countries would be low price and huge output. Goodware goes our own way on the highly competitive price market.

Goodware production center is controlled by professionals. From the ingredient proportion, quality inspection, packaging, shipping, molds production, to equipment, these all belong to Goodware. The ingredient proportion and production process are operated according to the SOP process. The density requirement of PU material products is more than 240 kg / m3. Check the quality, packaging, and shipment according to Goodware test records. Factory management follows the humanity principles of Taiwan headquarters.

In fact, do all these requirements for the high quality. We hope the decorative PU materials are not only materials but also can be the amazing crafts. In order to provide both good quality and quantity, we don’t compete with the Asian price market.

PU material development and production center

 Top technology of development center (Living Young)

The principal concepts of development center (Living Young) are innovation and high-end delicate products. Goodware supplies customized decorative crafts for the international market. Under the leadership of Taiwan headquarters design director – Lin, Han Long, from the design, hand-painted, sculpture, to computer graphics, step by step to implement the design concept. Then, give the exclusive new PU material style to our development center. Combination of original design and high-end production technology create the top decorative PU materials.

PU material development and production center

Main business of development center (Living Young)

  • The Goodware development center (Living Young) uses high standards. Goodware started the “correction plan” for old molds in 2016. Correct the uneven texture of old molds. Improve the 3D sense of carved PU moldings. Increase the quality of products.
  • Besides the decorative PU materials, Goodware also develops the multi-material, such as faux wood and resin. We have great painting processing technology, the product can be made of other texture.
  • Development center (Living Young) not only specializes in decorating materials but also the home furnishings design. From hard decoration to soft decoration of home space, we provide comprehensive service. We can help you create a home blueprint.
  • We accept personalized custom. Unique custom products are very challenging for our development center (Living Young). Goodware has professional designers who can make the difficult design. For example, our project in Suzhou, development center (Living Young) manufactured the pumpkin ceiling dome which was designed by K.Chu designer.
  • Goodware focuses on personal training, such as the campus intern cooperation, investment in new technology and equipment, and education training. These can increase the talents and keep us at the forefront of the industry.

PU material development and production center