In general, the space of villa is wide and big. The villa interior design and space planning are also a big question. Goodware is going to tell you three points to highlight your villa. Combining different PU decorative materials can create the multilevel and three-dimension feeling. Let’s see how to build a beautiful villa.

Point – Onlays

The elements of villa interior design are decoration, furniture, and accessories. You may want to have your own home style, such as the European style. So, let’s use the onlays to create a special home decoration.

  1. Furniture

Onlays are lightweight and small. Goodware provides many types of onlays. You can choose the patterns that you like to attach to the furniture. Besides, you also can paint your favorite colors on them. The gold color and the acanthus patterns make your furniture more elegant.

villa interior design

  1. Door

The onlays can be attached to the doors. You also can combine with the PU moldings. PU moldings can form a frame, then, add the onlays. Beautify the cabinets and show the 3 dimension.

villa interior design

  1. Wall

Change your empty wall! Add some onlays to make your wall livelier. You can combine with the corner moldings. Make your wall become the vivid picture.

villa interior design

Line – PU moldings

Each separate room has its own function, such as the kitchen and bathroom. How to fill the empty wall of each room? Let’s use the PU moldings to create the stylish villa interior design.

  1. Wall

There are many usages of PU moldings such as the skirting boards, chair rails, and baseboards. These PU moldings can protect the wall. The baseboards can cover the wires. You also can embed the lamp inside the PU moldings. Become the indirect lighting to protect your eyes. Use them to create a special villa interior design.

villa interior design

  1. Ceiling

Use the PU moldings to beautify the junction of the ceiling and wall. Besides, you can embed the strip lights on the ceiling to form the soft lighting. Moreover, the curved PU moldings can combine into a circle. It can be an attention-grabber on your ceiling.

villa interior design

Plane – Decorative materials

The most important thing for villa interior design is to create a grand sense. That means that you need to do a large area decoration. Let’s see these decorative materials.

  1. Roman columns

Use the plane Roman columns to decorate the wall. The grand sense is much more than the PU moldings.

villa interior design

  1. Decorative fireplaces

Add a decorative fireplace in your living room. It can become a TV wall. Or, you can add it in the bedroom and put some aromatic candles. Create a romantic atmosphere.

villa interior design

  1. Wall niches

The wall niches not only can be a decoration but also a storage space. The wall niches are the space-saving design. Besides, you can put your collections inside to form a showcase.

villa interior design

  1. Wall panels

The wall panels don’t have to cover the whole wall. You can choose your favorite patterns and decorate them on the part of the wall. Moreover, you can combine with the corbels to make your wall lively.

villa interior design

In conclusion, these are the three points for your villa interior design. Catch these points and highlight your villa now! You may want to have more decorative materials. Don’t worry. Goodware has many types of PU products. Come to check us out!

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