Slight classic and simple beauty show American molding design

In the beginning, the house owner likes the American simple molding design. The designer suggests to mix and match some slight classical elements. Unexpectedly, the whole house becomes brighter and increases the 3D sense. Now, follow Goodware to visit this amazing house.

Mix and match style! A space combine studio and home

Do you like to go to the amusement park? When you open different doors, you can see different theme rooms. Goodware is going to take you to a mix and match style space which combines the studio and home. It looks like an amusement park!

New taste! Rococo molding style meets oriental art

Can you imagine the Rococo molding style mix with oriental art? Speaking of the Rococo molding style, we may think about the luxury European palace and golden onlay moldings. Let's move these elements to an oriental house!

Sunny Boudoir! French moulding style single lady apartment

“Boudoir” meant French lady’s room in 18th-century, or called “Lady’s private room.” The designers use elegant PU moldings to create the French upper-class women living space. Let's explore this sunny French moulding style single lady apartment.

Flexible moldings create a tipsy tropical cocktail home decoration

Do you feel tired of the neoclassical style? Actually, the neoclassical style can transform to a lot of types. This tropical and elegant home decoration may be able to give you different inspiration! Let’s see how to use Goodware flexible moldings and how to match with the furniture to create passionate romance!

Find out the new American moulding style from an old house

Are you a sociable person? Do you like to invite your friends to visit your house? If you do, you can’t miss this simple American moulding style house which is renovated from an old house. Let’s see the method of changing a small house into a livable hospitality space.