We can see many different classical orders of roman columns in European style buildings. The carved, painted, and outline in gold‘s roman columns become the symbol of classical orders. They represent elegant and luxury. Do you know how many types are they? The roman columns are divided into three parts, base, shaft, and capital. Three parts have different size, shape, and ratio. The striation of the shaft and the decoration of capital can form different types.

The Romans inherited the architectural achievements of the ancient Greece, such as Colosseum and Pantheon. It is stunning that the elaborate construction skill on space, structure, and material. The Romans also added some Romanian decorations on the architectures. They made the architectures more luxury. Let me tell you about 5 different classical orders of roman columns.

classical orders

  1. Tuscan Order

Simplified the Doric Order of Greece, it is simple and powerful. The surface of column shaft doesn’t have grooves. The ratio of length to diameter is about 7: 1.

  1. Doric Order

Improved the Doric Order of Greece, The surface of column shaft is cylindrical and has grooves on it. The number of grooves is about 16 to 24.

  1. Ionic Order

The top of column shaft is thin, the bottom is thick, no curvature, and 24 grooves. The column capital has a pair of scrolls decorations. The Ionic Order was widely found in a large number of ancient Greek architecture. It was also called Female column, such as Temple of Athena Nike.

  1. Corinthian Order

It came from Temple of Olympian Zeus. It has two rows of Acanthus decorations on the column capital. Those look like flower baskets. The column shaft is symmetry and elegant.

  1. Composite Order

We also call it “Roman Composite Order”. It combines scrolls and Acanthus decorations on the column capital.

These 5 classical orders have soft lines, perfect details, and elaborate patterns can show the gorgeous noble beauty. Many people use these ideas to decorate the exterior of a building, window frame, and arch. The designer uses the classical orders to create the Baroque style and Princess style. These 5 classical orders are the important elements of interior design.

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