Different times have different ideas, also reflected in our lifestyle. What is your home style? Goodware is going to tell you about 2018 top 10 popular home styles! Let’s see what styles are popular now. If you want to keep up with the pace of the times, you cannot miss the most popular home trend!

2018 top 10 popular home styles

  1. Hygge、Fika、Lagom

Do you know these three words? They are coming from the Nordic style. It is a little different from the definition, but they are reflecting the Nordic life and thought. Hygge means warm and comfortable. Enjoy the satisfaction of a wonderful life. The elements of Hygge are the candles, wood, and wool blankets. Fika means downshifting life. Take time out and slow down to enjoy the life. Lagom means moderation. Everything needs to be in moderation. Don’t over the top.

These three words can represent all the Nordic styles. In recent years, the world is full of restlessness and anxiety. Simple and beautiful life of Nordic styles become a quiet and calm strength.

[Decoration elements] Wooden furniture, white plain moldings, knitted fabrics, pillow, and candles.

popular home styles

  1. Eclectic Style

Eclectic style may be a bit strange at first hearing. In fact, the Eclectic style is similar to the mixing and matching style. It is a casual and rich taste style. There is no certain rule for this style. Imitate the architectural form of history and mix with all kinds of style furniture elements. The proportion balance is an important thing for Eclectic style. Let the mixed elements be harmonious and form a multilevel sense.

[Decoration elements] Carved crown moldings, modern furniture, loft-style lamps, simple paintings, and national style accessories.

popular home styles

  1. Loft style

Loft is a straightforward style. That is why it is the top 10 popular home styles. Loft refers to the space that is converted from a factory or warehouse. The bare pipelines have become iconic features. It is known for the rough character. Black, white, gray and brown are the main colors of the Loft style. Although the Loft style uses the product of the industrial age, it is not a cold style. It can show the warm side through wood, leather, plants and other elements. It is a style suitable for mixing and matching and creates an open, mobile, and artistic character.

[Decoration elements] Brick wall, iron metal, hanging type lighting, wood products, bare pipelines, leather, green plant, and cement.

popular home styles

  1. Retro style

The trend of old house renovation is rising. It also leads the designers’ brainstorming. They need to change the old things to have the new taste. Originally, this style is for someone who doesn’t have enough budget. However, it becomes one of the top 10 popular home styles that people want to spend money to pursue the retro fashion. Retro may be the popular culture of the past, antique vintage, or British grandmother shabby chic.

[Decoration elements] Old furniture, retro lighting, floral cloth, dark wood, brass, and mottled door frame.

popular home styles

  1. Monochrome

Classic black and white are the favorite colors of many people. Monochrome is the top 10 popular home styles. Simple outlines and colors make the life purer. The blank vision gives people a breathing time. This is the charm of Monochrome. White walls as the base, use black to bring out the lines of the door frame and painting frame. Black and white space matching with wood and tiles can show no color world.

[Decoration elements] Baseboard, door frame, window frame, black and white paintings, modern furniture, striped pillow, and black iron frame.

popular home styles

  1. New Chinese style

In China, the fashionable new Chinese style comes from traditional Chinese style. It both has Chinese ancient and modern city atmosphere. Modern functional home presents the impression of the East. The space decoration details are important. New Chinese Style continues the privacy of traditional Chinese style. Use the grid wall, and divider to create the multilevel sense. The color of furniture is dark, such as dark wood material, create the retro atmosphere.

[Decoration elements] Chinese-style window frame, lanterns, pottery pots, Eastern texture wallpaper, and embroidery.

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  1. Japanese Zen style

Japanese style is also a distinctive impression of the East for Western people. Japanese Zen style gives a quiet and simple impression. It also can heal the soul. Space lines are simple. Use different materials to divide the space. Few decorations and furnishings create a quiet atmosphere which people can find the soul. Japanese style relies on the texture changing of materials and lights, such as light wood, stone gray, yellow grass green, create a clean and pressureless space.

[Decoration elements] Tatami, plant texture, wood, stone, grille, plant, and tea set.

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  1. Art Deco

Whether the British yuppie or beach of Shanghai, show the city’s unique fashion sense. Art Deco is bright, bold, and gorgeous. It is loved by young people because of the stylish and special feelings. Use the geometric concept, mirror, and glossy furniture to decorate. The colors of purple, blue, red, and metallic matching with black and white to show the low-key, luxury, and dramatic Art Deco.

[Decoration elements] Polished furniture, mirror, geometric patterns, brass, artwork, and retro lighting.

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  1. Neoclassical style

Top 10 popular home styles must have the Neoclassical style which everyone is familiar with. Neoclassical style is not complicated as classical style, but it is elegant and compatible with modern life. The Neoclassical style revives the essence of the Greek and Roman architecture. Symmetry and proportion are important. Space colors are light and pink. It combines many classical elements, such as the fireplace, Roman columns, and moldings. People can feel the historical and cultural heritage. Matching with the chic modern furniture to show elegant and harmonious atmosphere.

[Decoration elements] Saber chair, shield chair, multilevel decorative moldings, flowers pattern wallpaper, Roman column, and fireplace.

popular home styles

  1. Rural style

The Rural style is a bit of the fantastic feeling. Especially, the Rural style is more like a spiritual commitment for urban people. The Rural style has a long history, so there are many Rural styles in everywhere. Therefore, these Rural styles show different looks. But the common thing is the natural material, such as wooden cabinets, stone walls, and floral cloths. The main structure of the Rural style is European style. It shows different geographical style in the furniture and colors. It is the first choice for warm home

[Decoration elements] Stonewall, fireplace, rattan furniture, natural material wallpaper, floral cloth, and wood cabinet.

popular home styles

As a result, these are the popular home styles. Next time, when you want to decorate your house, remember to choose a style from the top 10 popular home styles.

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